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Empowering Lives with Creativity 

In the merry year of 2012, TLM production studios were born out of the compelling urge to tell stories. If there is something we are 100% capable of, it's our ability to tell a visual story in a way that can change the world. We are a crew of daydreamers and overachievers who pledge to fulfill your dream project with utmost dedication. We are freshening our minds one snap at a time.

We wish to add a heart to every visual story we make in order to reach out to our clients and the audience. And at the heart of every story is a camera crew, an editor, and a whole team of superhumans who work day and night with their creative ideas to make something magical. We are very proud of our team of professionals who are able to create and capture real-life stories with cameras. Our commitment and dedication are what sets us apart from other companies.